Meet the HWFC Team

Kasia Pawlak

Hey! I am Kasia! I’m a Personal Trainer with a strong background in self-defence, boxing, weights and fitness training. Polish Academy of Sport and YMCA qualified with years of teaching in one-on-one (PT sessions) and group environments.

I have worked in some of the largest named gyms in the fitness industry before realising I wanted to create my own space for my students and their journey.

Having worked with top athletes and fighters in Poland, I have vast experience in strength and conditioning, weight management and nutritional understanding. This means I can create personal development programmes that help students reach their goals! This is what satisfies me the most out of my career.

My goal as a Coach is to make you feel better in your own skin and help you realise how important it is to change small habits to become healthy in mind and body!
I want to encourage people to train in a smart and healthy way. Training with me is more like an education or a course rather than a boot camp mentality.

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A quote we love:

“I started with Kasia 8 months ago, having never been to several personal trainers before but not continuing after the 1st session. With Kasia it was different, I felt comfortable and listened to it from the start and Kasia made up my own personal goals for me. Kasia has changed how I look at fitness and how I look at myself. Patient with the right amount of push for anyone looking to love themselves that little bit more or looking to push themselves to the next level of training. Thank you Kasia you really have changed how I see my own body.”

Claire Jones
Key Account Director

A quote we love:

“I followed Kasia’s journey since 2016 and have loved every minute of training with her. Of course, it has not always been a walk in the park, as I wanted to be pushed and challenged to keep working out. I love the connection we have, that we are not only working on our bodies but also our soul. HWFC is definitely a place to feel good about oneself.”

Çınar Aydoğan
Digital Media Strategist

A quote we love:

“I’m 46yrs old and a full time working mum with a busy senior role in the NHS. I have been training with Kasia for over 4 years now. She really knows how to keep me motivated and consistent. PT sessions with Kasia are the highlight of my week. I feel uplifted spending time with her and re energised by the 1:1 focus and attention. She is an expert, professional with great spirit. She gets great results and has kept me fitter and more lean than I was in my 30s. My training plan is always uniquely designed for me and my own goals as well as adapted regularly to keep sessions fun. Kasia places a high bar on safe positioning and achieving great functional form. Knowing Kasia has my training covered gives me the peace of mind and freedom to focus on my work and just really enjoy my gym time without it feeling like another project I need to organise. I just have to turn up and let Kasia lead me through, making it the well-being break it should be. For me, having the accountability of sessions booked is important as is having someone to review and adjust my form to maximise the gains I can achieve in the time I have. Everyone needs Kasia. I don’t know where I’d be without her!”

Jemma Gilbert OBE
Director of Transformation, NHS Healthy London Partnership

A quote we love:

“As a professional dancer, I felt so isolated. It was so hard to stay motivated and really push myself in the pandemic and I wanted a boost in my training. Kasia is thoughtful, has amazing energy and is so knowledgeable. She helped me reset, get my training programme on track, and push my stamina for an upcoming tour. I’m 35 and injury prevention is so important and Kasia is totally helping me get in fighting shape and I couldn’t be happier.”


A quote we love:

“Kasia has a deep knowledge of the science behind how bodies get stronger, but the key way she has helped me get good results is by being a warm, completely nonjudgmental presence in my life. I always look forward to seeing her, instead of dreading having to train. I have enjoyed getting fit with Kasia for almost nine months and I recommend her to anyone who wants to get good results and feel good about themselves.”


A quote we love:

“Training with Kasia has been so important for my fitness and coping with stress levels! As a queer person and gym-shy I felt so safe and welcome and everyone is really friendly and supportive. Kasia took the time to understand what I needed and what my aims were and was clear and honest and worked with me to make this happen. I really appreciated the safe space to workout and gaining in confidence each time I go! Thanks!”

Family Support Worker

A quote we love:

“I’ve been training with Kasia for over a year. I’m a male aged 56 and after all the covid lock downs wanted to get fitter. I’ve always just trained on my own but found it hard to use gyms in the past. I’ve found PT training twice a week with Kasia great. Not only do I feel much fitter, I’ve lost a stone in weight and have much more energy. The full advantage of the training is Kasia watches everything we do and makes sure the exercises are done correctly for the best results. The gym itself has a great feel. Kasia also has a background in boxing in which she has taught me how to move and use the boxing bag correctly – which is a great extra cardio workout at the end of any PT session. Kasia has a great knowledge of the body and diet which she passes on. I generally look forward to my training each week which is great.”


A quote we love:

“Hi! My name is Tony, I’m a 59 year old male. I would like to share my experience having had Kasia as my personal trainer for the last 18 months. Prior to my sessions I was generally lazy, fairly healthy, overweight, and unfit, trained occasionally on my own on and off with long long gaps.
Kasia approach was to find my ability and then set up a combination of strength, cardio and flexibility sessions and having her there focusing on me is very encouraging. I have two sessions with her a week and try to fit in a third. I have gone from 98 kilo to 88 kilos in that time, I feel so much healthier, lots of energy and stronger. I sleep better and eat a lot, well lots of healthy stuff 🙂
Kasia knows how the body works, anatomy and nutrition which is great for advice and direction in one’s lifestyle. If you are thinking about yourself, want to improve how you feel about yourself and improve your health go see Kasia!”


A quote we love:

“I started training online with Kasia at the start of Covid, fairly down, and a few months after a fairly serious injury to my hip. My injury had taken all confidence in my body and it’s ability to exercise. Due to past disordered eating and over exercising, I was nervous in getting a personal trainer, expecting to be shouted at, shamed, or pushed to the extremes like on the tv. However with Kasia, we started right back at the basics, building strength and my confidence with unlimited patience and understanding. Even online she has been adaptive and detail oriented, changing sessions in the moment based on my injury or mood, and has supported me to learn more about my body and exercises allowing me to progress slowly but surely. All this, with her ultimate goal to empower me with the knowledge to do exercise safely and regularly, even without her. Not only that, and most importantly, I feel I have gained a friend and a teacher that actually cares!”


A quote we love:

“It’s difficult to put into words how much of an impact training with Kasia has made.
My body has changed, I’m stronger, fitter and using muscles I didn’t even know I had a year ago, but more importantly I’ve made a wonderful friend, who makes doing training fun and less like something I have to do.
Training with Kasia has become my favourite part of the week! :)”