Meet your Trainers at HW Personal Training. Learn more about their workouts, their passion and feel free to ask them questions to find the perfect fit for you.
HW Personal Training is more than just a Personal Training. We believe that health and happiness go hand in hand. Explore our range of events and activities today.
At HW Personal Training there is nothing more we love than seeing our students grow stronger and learn they are capable of bigger things. Our mantra is building a strong and healthy body is a marathon, not a sprint! And this is something we want all our students to feel when they train with us.  We are passionate about our community and enjoy what we do every day.
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We can’t wait to welcome you as part of our HW Personal Training. First, let’s get to know each other and let us introduce ourselves. Learn more about Kasia Pawlak. While attending our studio to personal training or small group sessions, you will also be part of our growing community, don’t be shy and say hello!


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