We believe that health & happiness go hand in hand.

At HW Personal Training there is nothing more we love than seeing our students grow stronger and learn they are capable of bigger things.

A strong and healthy bodyis a marathon, not a sprint!

This is what makes our work so joyful! Our students’ achieving long term goals and watching their confidence grow.

We want to bring a healthy and personal approach to your training without fear of feeling shame or judgment for not knowing how or what to do at the gym. Our mantra is that building a strong and healthy body is a marathon, not a sprint! And this is something we want all our students to feel when they train with us.

We are passionate about our community and enjoy what we do every day. Alongside the PT sessions at HW Personal Training, we also have small group training. There are no more than 4, which allows our students to explore new workout variations safely.

While attending your training, you are also making new acquaintances who are passionate about the same goals. You can attend a social catch up after training at the end of every month and be part of our HW community. There is absolutely no pressure to join. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy time with your gym buddies.

We can’t wait to welcome you as part of our HW Personal Training. Click here to book a class or follow us on Instagram.

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